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TextSymbol not appearing in Internet Explorer?

Question asked by nitsrik on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by KeitherJ

Maybe it's just me, but since I've contacted ESRI and they can't figure it out either, I'm throwing this out there in case someone has experienced this and can shed some light on the subject:


With some TextSymbol labeling code I am working on, I have discovered that when I view my work in Internet Explorer (11), the labels do not show up.  They show up in Chrome and Firefox.  I also see the same thing when I use the Points for labeling sample:  When I copy and paste the source code for this sample into a HTML page and view it on my web server, the labeling does not appear for me in just IE.  However, when I view ESRI's live sample in IE, the labels DO show up.  My coworker also experiences the same when viewing these on her computer in IE.


After contacting ESRI Technical Support, we tried looking at the IE Developer Console etc, but no errors were reported when running the page.  Also even though I do not see the TextSymbol labels show up when I view my copy of the Points for labeling sample, the ESRI tech had no problem viewing the labels viewing the same page hosted on my external web server.  Because they were not able to reproduce the issue on their end, I couldn't get an incident ticket created.


So, anybody got an idea what may be going on given the above?  Is it some kind of strange security setting in my LAN that enables us to view TextSymbols in IE on ESRI's site but not on the same code served out of my web server?  Something else to try to help troubleshoot this?


Thank you for your time,