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A single user-created toolbox is not opening

Question asked by adamjvogt on Aug 5, 2014
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One of my toolboxes shows no scripts or tools in the toolbox when I click its adjacent plus sign, however when I open the toolbox file up with notepad, all of the content is still inside the " .tbx " file. When I right click this toolbox and go to "properties", nothing happens, and when I select "item description," it says in the following window, "The item's XML contains errors." All of my other toolboxes are working just fine. Might there be a way to do CPR on a toolbox by editing it somehow with notepad or perhaps another tool or update? Why might ArcMap have chosen this toolbox to not open? I have spend tens of hours working on the tools inside this toolbox, so I am still very determined to making it work again.


Here are somethings I have already tried:

  • coping and pasting the content out of the " .tbx " file into another new toolbox file
  • creating a new windows user
  • updating ArcMap
  • renaming the toolbox (ArcMap does not allow this)
  • deleting the toolbox (ArcMap says "Failed to delete selected objects")


ArcGis 10.1 SP 1


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