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Parcel Fabric Line Type Problem

Question asked by jherynkmrl on Aug 5, 2014

Within the parcel fabric local government information model I'm able to "Define new types of Features" for the parcel and line types.  We I go to create a new parcel I only see these line types in the "Category" attribute:

0 Boundary

1 Dependent

2 Precise Con

3 Connection

4 Radial

5 Road Frontage

6 Original Con

7 Part Connection


I also want to add:

8 Relocated Mainline


Within ArcCatalog I have the Domain Name "LrLineCategory" with "Coded Values" that list all of the types 0-8 listed above.  Why don't I see 8 "Relocated Mainline" as a "Category" option when adding New Parcels.  It seems there is a disconnect in the db somewhere but I can't find it.