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Reverse Geocoding returns incorrect city

Question asked by raabram on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by sbritt-esristaff

I am using the Reverse Geocoding Rest API to get addresses for points.

When I do a reverse geocoding for an address in Augusta Maine the city name returned is incorrect.  The city returned is a neighboring town of Chelsea.  Is there a better reverse geocoding service? 


If I geocode an address  83 Edison Dr, Augusta, Maine, 04330 I get the point   "x": -69.818462933916464,  "y": 44.313100364591264

but when I reverse geocode using that point I get  the following.  


"address": {

  "Address": "83 Edison Dr",

  "Neighborhood": null,

  "City": "Chelsea",

  "Subregion": null,

  "Region": "Maine",

  "Postal": "04330",

  "PostalExt": null,

  "CountryCode": "USA",

  "Loc_name": "USA.StreetAddress"


"location": {

  "x": -69.818462933993914,

  "y": 44.313100364543232,

  "spatialReference": {

  "wkid": 4326,

  "latestWkid": 4326