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Popup different for iOS and Android

Question asked by apence23 on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2014 by GMorris-esristaff

I noticed that the popup (using the same map, just on different tablets) when i click on a point, is different from Android and iOS - obviously they are different operating systems, but I would like the popup to look like iOS version since it actually gives all the info (Sign No:  is my popup title in AGOL). With Android I have to click on the top Feature then swipe through them all until I find the one I need or hit the drop down box of each. With iOS it already shows the sign number so there is no swiping through to find the point I need to edit.

I attached two pics below of the different screen shots, the one on the left is iOS and the one on the right is Android. Both screen shots are taken right after I clicked on a point.


Is there something I'm missing for the Android operating system to get the info to look like the iOS?