An issue with creating hyperlinks

Discussion created by xander_bakker on Aug 2, 2014
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Hi Jim Barry,


It sounds great incorporating the ideas site and others into GeoNet.


Perhaps off-topic, but I'm not sure I completely like what GeoNet does to any link included in a post (the "auto-title"). Just look at the links below, that link to the Home REST folders of 3 different sample servers:


Folder: /

Folder: /

Folder: /


I noticed you can click on the link, a "hyperlink/insert link" icon appears and allows you to change between auto-title, bare url and "un-link".


Now, when writing a post, place your cursor on a hyperlink and click on the "insert link" button. This will remove the actual hyperlink and leave the "auto-title" text, which in the case above is not very useful. I think there is some room for enhancement here...


Kind regards, Xander