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Completed app no longer shows up in WebAppBuilder and ....

Question asked by batpro99 on Aug 4, 2014
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Ok, I completed a cool application using the WebApp Builder for ArcGIS.


Everything was going smoothly until I followed the Deploy the app instructions.


I did as directed below.

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Point your HTTP server to the unzipped folder, or copy the folder and paste it into your web server.
  3. Register your app in ArcGIS online or Portal for ArcGIS.
  4. Open config.json file in the folder, and find the appid and replace it with the one you just registered.

On step 3 I went to register but it said it was already registered. So thought I needed to re-register to make it work. So I unregistered and re-registered now... getting a new appid and app secret.  What is app secret?


Anyway, I opened the config.json and put in the app id.


Now I have two problems.


1)  The map opens fine from my unzipped folder on my server however neither the legend nor the layers list will show up.  It just spins hour glass.


2) Now when I start Web AppBuilder my APP that I spent days creating to perfection does not load.  I see there is an upload button but I don't see any help on how to upload.  Can I upload the app I unzipped to my folder that I just downloaded?


Please help, or if there is someone here that would have a few minutes to connect to my PC and help me figure out what happened?