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Converting shapefile projection to Lambert Equal-Area Azimuthal

Question asked by jaikanthp on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by oearley

I have a shapefile with WGS 84 Geographic Projection. The shapefile contains soil data for the entire world, and comes from the 'Digital Soil Map of the World'. When I opened it in ArcMap, it did not have a projection. I assigned it a WGS 84 projection using ArcCatalog, and it corresponds well with other files.


I need to project the shapefile to Lambert Equal Area Projection. Since I could not find a suitable projection in ArcGIS, I downloaded the prj file from lambert azimutha equal area: SR-ORG Projection  -- Spatial Reference. I tried to then use the 'Project (Data Management)' tool to project the shapefile using the downloaded prj file. But the tool asks me for a Geographic Conversion via a drop down menu. What option do I select? I could not find a GCS_WGS_1984 to WGS 1984 option.



The shapefile to be converted has the following info:


Geographic Coordinate System:GCS_WGS_1984
Prime Meridian:Greenwich
Angular Unit:Degree



The downloaded prj file has the following info:



Authority: Custom



Projection: Lambert_Azimuthal_Equal_Area

false_easting: 0.0

false_northing: 0.0

central_meridian: -114.125

latitude_of_origin: 45.5

Linear Unit: Meter (1.0)



Geographic Coordinate System: Unknown

Angular Unit: Degree (0.0174532925199433)

Prime Meridian: Greenwich (0.0)

Datum: D_unknown

  Spheroid: Unknown

    Semimajor Axis: 6371007.181

    Semiminor Axis: 6371007.181

    Inverse Flattening: 0.0



Any help will be very useful! Thanks!