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[WinRT] Add attachment

Question asked by Miiite on Aug 4, 2014



I am currently using the "ArcGIS Runtime for Windows Store apps (Beta 2)", version, and I want to know if it is possible to add an attachment to a feature table ?


Basically, I followed the documentation available online, and I ended up using the following line of code :


var addResult = await table.AddAttachmentAsync(featureID, reservation.PhotoFile);


where "table" is a FeatureTable, and reservation.PhotoFile a StorageFile object representing a picture I just took with my windows 8 tablet.


The thing is, this specific line of code returns null. "addResult" equals null, where it is supposed to be an instance of AttachmentResult, with possibly an error described in it.


Is there something I'm missing here ? In what case can this call return null ?