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Arcgis Collector giving syncing errors to Arcgis online

Question asked by Datacount on Aug 4, 2014
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I have an ArcGIS online map published with one point feature that is being updated with photo attachments in the field.

We are working offline and are using WIFI to sync, the latest version of the collector app on IOS and the latest ArcGIS online version.


We are experiencing a few problems with the sync back to the server.


1. No matter how fast the WIFI connection, the upload takes ages. Sometime 8 hours to upload what should be about 60mb.


2. After a days work, about 40-50 points with 6 photos each, the sync back to the server is hit and miss. Sometimes it will load everything without hassle and  other times it will refuse to sync. The bar will get to about 20% and just sit there until there is an sync error msg. The error msg give no info other than a general synchronization error.


Is there anyway to check what the sync problems are so we can go further? Ie. Upload logs, error logs. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount of data that can be synced? The upload times are having a serious impact on our projects. If anyone has any ideas or tips that would be greatly appreciated.


The other option I can think of is to work online using 3g/4g but this will also affect the capture speed.


Thanks in advance,