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Is ArcGIS Engine Runtime 10.1 comes with ArcGIS Engine development kit 10.1?

Question asked by najed on Aug 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by najed

Dear ESRI Developer /All


I am working now on ArcGIS engine development kit 10.1 , using (Eclipse IDE) /Java , mainly i complete development , i want to deploy the application on other machine what i need exactly  , i read esri articles but unfortunately not work with me , i prepared the setup .exe for the application but i don't know if i need to client machine ArcGIS engine runtime or not because i heard from esri that ArcGIS runtime change and the new name is ArcGIS Engine (windows ) ?? if yes it comes with the ArcGIS development kit package or not ??


i want to know if Arcgis runtime comes with same arcgis engine dev kit  ??