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Lookup Table in Model Builder

Question asked by djhorn on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by djhorn

I'm trying to build a process in Model Builder that takes several SDE Feature Classes (all named M_X_*) and exports them to shape files in a given directory. This seems easy enough, but there are two issues that I'm not sure how to address:


  1. Each shape file that gets exported needs to be renamed to something different, with no logic behind the naming convention (M_X_CASING becomes xCasing, M_X_AERIAL_MARKER becomes xAirMrkr, etc.)
  2. One of the feature classes is too large and needs to be split into two shape files. Essentially, we use a where clause and just export it twice.


In the past, this entire process was done using a command line script and the sde2shp.exe ArcSDE Utility, but we'd like to get away from that. I was thinking we could wrap all of this into a geoprocessing service that could be executed on demand through ArcMap.


Is there a way to do this using the model builder? Maybe a way we could build a lookup table with the feature class name, the name of the exported file, and the where clause, and then iterate through it? Or would I be better off writing a custom python script to do this?