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Sync back to local computer?

Question asked by phmurphy on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2014 by phmurphy

HI all,

I am just learning the highly complicated process of using Collector.  I have figured out how to add/edit features on Collector and how to sync back to ArcGIS Online.  Is there some part of the process that will sync back to my desktop or do I have to open the ArcGIS Online version of everything the export the features and reimport them into a map on the desktop?


Request list for Future Collector capabilities.

1. allow tpk tile package files and the files that collector creates from them to be located on an external SD card.  Otherwise, these eat a lot of memory.

2. allow the symbols to be edited on the device.  What looks big for point symbols on the desktop is tiny on the device and the symbol can't be edited.