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Collector 10.2.5 Unresponsive with Downloaded Maps for Offline Use

Question asked by knoop on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Mr_Kirkwood

We have a number of Android Devices recently upgraded to Collector for ArcGIS 10.2.5, which now are unresponsive when working with maps downloaded for offline use.  The devices include Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.2 2014 Edition, Nexus 7, Motorola Droid, etc.  They all were working fine with the maps before the upgrade; some where at 10.2.4, others were at 10.2.3.  They all work fine with the maps in online mode.


The problem arises only when we download the maps to the device, and the maps become unresponsive, or at least very slow to respond.  (If you wait long enough you do seem to get a response out of the app in most cases after more than a minute or so; however, on most of these devices the app unresponsive warning window pops-up first.)  When you open the downloaded map on the device, the screen remains black for a very long time, and then finally loads.  Each subsequent action -- panning or zooming, clicking to add a new feature, etc. -- also takes a very long time to complete.  Deleting the maps from the app and re-downloading them has not helped, nor has deleting the app and reinstalling it. 


Any suggestions?  Thanks!