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OBJ Missing Textures in CityEngine

Question asked by crmltd-js on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by MicahShane

Hello all,


I have built a model in Sketchup, everything looks fine and correct; however, when I bring it into CityEngine some of the textures are missing (it's just white - see attached image). I've already searched the forums and tried all the suggestions - reversing faces, checking file paths, reapplied texture... even remodeling the areas of concern from scratch. And yes, I've tried all the formats dae, kmz, obj... etc.


Can anyone provide any insight as to what might be causing this? In the second image, you can see that the vertical walls of the residential complex is missing. The unit itself is an exact duplicate of the units on the right, if it had something to do with the model, shouldn't it appear the same with the others?