Education Master Site License holders -- My Esri and AGOL named user accounts

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Seems the launch of https://my.esri.com/ as replacement for the Customer Care Portal for customer account management has gone pretty smoothly.  Thus far our designated GIS analysts are the only named users associated with the organization, and it has allowed me to clear out a few expired assignments.


However the new portal raises a few questions for educations account license holders in the near term:


  • What are we supposed to do with our named users that had been granted access to our AGOL organizational account? 
  • And likewise what to do with those student/faculty and staff users that install an ArcGIS product under their own 1-year authorization code or if using a license pool? 
  • Are we now supposed to invite all of our campus license users into the My Esri portal?  Will they be bulk loaded as some other ELA account managers have reported?
  • And if added to the My Esri portal, what permissions are we supposed to assign to these users? So as to remain compliant with our contractual designation of only 5 GIS specialists for technical support issues.
  • Will continued installation Esri support calls now have to be tied to our My Esri account, and who will do that?  
  • Many installation support tickets were assigned by Esri technical support agents to our customer account under the CCP onto the still active support.esri.com, but imagine quite a few were not--if we are going to be able to see them going forward in the My Esri portal the association will need to be made--but again by whom?


Finally regards Education accounts and My Esri support, should we follow discussions and announcements in the The specified item was not found. social group place and on My Esri portal, or will the Esri Education Team staff be addressing issues here in the Education spaces?





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