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Hiking equation in python returns wrong results

Question asked by Alesinar on Jul 30, 2014
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I've been trying to implement Tobler's hiking equation in script. The equation goes:




W is walking speed,

S  is slope in degrees.


The list of slopes is:

k7=[-1.0312126698879267, 1.1457628381751035, -3.890124404061796, -0.6875278121450912, 0.0, -1.7820676357665195, -1.0532676344873988, 1.7010978323487986]


And my code is:

    for f in k7:


Which should be right, but the results are:

k8=[-5.80650137556095, -5.908682283616555, -5.999991269395487, -5.355698099597122, -0.963257875384756, -5.986024888143845, -5.8208760494265395, -5.986925387994366]


First, they are negative and they shouldn't be, second, notice that the slopes are very similar and so should be the results but notice the fifth element of the results! When I tried this with math.exp I got something completly different and also totally wrong.


I know that this should be very simple but I cant figure it out.

Have I missed something in the equation or is there some trick that I should know about.


I would be really grateful for your help.