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Export Tiles not working. Getting Bad Request

Question asked by sivalingamp on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by sivalingamp


   I need to download the TPK file from server. When I process my request I am getting "Bad Request". May I know the cause for this issue?

I am able to get the JobId it seems. But when processing the job I am getting Bad Request. In which scenario this error will come?


Server Version is 10.2.2


//Prepare params using levels and envelope

AGSExportTileCacheParams *params = [[AGSExportTileCacheParams alloc] initWithLevelsOfDetail:desiredLevels areaOfInterest:nil];


[_tileCacheTask exportTileCacheWithParameters:params downloadFolderPath: Path useExisting:YES status:^(AGSResumableTaskJobStatus status, NSDictionary *userInfo) {


                    //it is keep on polling for 10 minutes.

                         //status received 2,3,4,5.

                         stuck with status 5.

        } completion:^(AGSLocalTiledLayer *localTiledLayer, NSError *error) {


if (error){


                Getting below error



                   NSLocalizedDescription = "Bad Request";

                   NSURL = "";