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Modify points according to info given to appear differently

Question asked by AlinaMadita on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by timw1984


This might be an absolute beginners question, but I am stuck- I hope someone here can help me.

I have an excel sheet with 200 data points of fish catchment. Some of these data points represent only one fish caught and others 2 or more (up to 15) at one spot. I would like the ones with more than one fish caught appear to be a different size point in the map according to the numbers of fish caught there. Is there anyway to do this?

Lets say just enter 2 after a point with two fish caught and the size of the point will automatically change with that?


Thank you very much for your help and I am looking forward your replies as my hairs turn grey here ; )