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How to count features with same attribute in a shapefile?

Question asked by Schlomm_1 on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by thanosdoganis

Daer all,

Currently I am working with a shapefile with about 800 Features. All features have the attribute 'name'. Now I want to count the number of occurrences, where the 'name'-attribute is the same.

To give you a better overview about my question, a rough example:

Job Aplace A
Job Bplace A
Job Cplace B
Job Dplace C
Job Aplace B
Job Dplace B
Job Dplace A
Job Aplace D
Job Eplace E


The fist step would be: Count all occurrences of the same name and put it another column...for example "amount.

This would result in


Job Aplace A2
Job Bplace A2
Job Cplace B4
Job Dplace C1
Job Aplace B4
Job Dplace B4
Job Dplace B4

Job A

place D1
Job Eplace E1


The second step would be to elimnate all "dublicated" rows, where the 'name' and the 'amount' is the same. All other attributes are not important, so they could be deleted.

This would result in something similiar to this:

place A2
place B4
place C1
place D1
place E1



Is there any smart way of doing it using ArcMap 10.2?

Thanks in advance!