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can no longer edit files in SDE

Question asked by on Jul 29, 2014
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Hi all,
I am using 10.0. I recently started having problem to edit files that are in the SDE database. I am not sure what happened, I was building a cached map to be used in Lucity dashboard for my stormwater field crew. A few days later when I try to edit any of the files in the SDE database I get an error message which I don't believe this error message has anything to do with what I was doing as far creating the cached map. Please see attached file. I have checked all different avenue to see how I can fix the problem I ended up with a negative result. We are not using Version now, but the error message suggests that the files I am trying to edit are Resgister  As Versioned that have to be Unregister As Versioned before I can edit the files. I have unchecked the box that is under Editor, Option, and General, but nothing happened. Remember, I have the owner privilege access in the SDE database. Any idea on how to fix this problem?


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