GP Service returns esriJobFailed...how can I figure out why?

Discussion created by flspat on Aug 10, 2010
Hello All:

I have a simple geoprocessing service that does a point in polygon(s) routine and returns the selected features.  This is my first geoprocessing setup in Server and it's been a little confusing so the solution maybe an obvious one. 

I've run the AGS based tool in ArcMap on the local server and it seems to execute correctly returning some polygon features.  When I try to execute the process thru either the REST API test page (manually constructing the input parameters) or using a simple Javascript API test page (based on one of the samples) it fails.  All I'm seeing in the return message is "esriJobFailed". 

Where can figure out why the failure is occurring?  There are no entries in the C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server10.0\server\user\log files.