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Export cached tiles by iOS

Question asked by MaxFelinger86 on Jul 28, 2014

Hello together,

I am using the iOS runtime SDK. The users should be able to use my cached tiles offline. The SDK provides methods for estimate and export (download) tiles. I have tried both. Both works with the esri example service (sampleserver6). But does not work with my own cached tiles. I have activated "Allow clients to export cache tiles" for my map service. It's the same when I am using the REST api.


To be exactly:

The REST api does not work by using the parameter "areaOfInterest". The same works by using the parameter "exportExtent". The iOS SDK from esri just provide the parameter "areaOfInterest".

(Currently I have build a workaround by using RESTful request.)


Has anyone an idea why the "areaOfInterest" parameter won't work?


I'm using ArcMap to upload/publish my MapService. Could that cause the problem (that areaOfInterest seems not working)?


(My earlier question on GeoNet Help)