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Raster Calculator Blurring Image Results

Question asked by Tiidus on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by rr1040

I am trying to run a NDVI analysis using raster calculator on Arg Map 10.2.1 and the results create blurry or bleeding image, almost as if the map has been dipped in water. I am using the default environment settings in the raster calculator. Both the bands being entered are very clear and have high resolution, I can see individual plants and rows in a farm field, but when I run the NDVI the resolution seems to get blurred. It almost seems like the raster calculator seems to automatically create a Guassian Blur for the image. Has anyone else encountered this and know of ways to overcome this blurring? 


Also I have also noticed that when running a raster calculator, the blurring only seems to occur when subtracting or dividing image bands, but not adding or multiplying, is there a reason for this?