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Least Cost Path Analysis: Pipeline Route

Question asked by Playa on Jul 28, 2014
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Help Please


I'm looking for some advice in how to build a LCPA (Least Cost Path Analysis) model using ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst. I want to build a model that determines the Least Cost Path to service all the potential clients with effluent recycled water from the WWTW (Waste Water Treatment Works). I need the model to account for each user before defining the Least Cost Path. So far I've built a model using ModelBuilder using Weighted Overlay Tool to generate the Cost Raster; Cost Distance using the Bulk Pipeline Route; Cost Path to determine the cost path from the users (Land Parcels) to the Bulk Pipeline and convert the cost path from raster to polyline.


I've attached jpegs of:

  • Preliminary route Bulk Pipeline (Red) and Feeder Pipeline (Blue) with the identified Users (Land Parcels) titled CapeFlatsNetwork.
  • Location of the WWTW.
  • Feeder Route to Users
  • LCPA Model (ModelBuilder)



Any advice in how to build a LCPA for Pipeline Networks, will truly be appreciated.




Peter Wilson