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Cutting Polygons which overlap

Question asked by lukeyf94 on Jul 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by lukeyf94

Hi there,


I am currently creating a map which has different polygons/layers on it as shown in the attached image. I would love the base map to be more visible but with all the layers, thats quite hard, especially because in the middle there are about 4 different layers on the go. Making some transparent doesnt really work.


As you can see each, layer covers a wider area (so the purple zone covers a wider area than the diagonal stripes zone) - so is there a way to delete parts of polygons/layers where i.e the Orange layer overlaps the diagonal striped layer so the only orange that is shown is where it is not overlapping the diagonal striped area? As you can see the mix of the two creates an orange diagonal striped area which is a bit confusing in my opinion. Basically what I need is that there is only ever 1 layer covering a certain place at any one time, not up to 3 or 4!