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Pathfinder Office to File Geodatabase - Attributed Type Issue

Question asked by on Jul 26, 2014
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I am completely new to Trimble Software (Terrsync and Pathfinder Office). I am working on a project that the client has given us a very specific (ArcGIS) file geodatabase schema to use. It has domains set for a lot of the attribute fields already. I imported this file geodatabase to my pathfinder office program to create my data dictionary. I sent the guys out in the field to pick up some shots. I was able to get through post processing and export the features back out to shapefiles, which I planned to load back into my master file geodatabase from the client. The problem is some of the fields are not the same type anymore. Some of his "double" fields from ArcGIS became menu fields when I imported them to Pathfinder Office.Now when I export them back out they are Text fields.


When I try to load my exported shapefiles to my file geodatabase I get the message "The value type is incompatible with the field type" - because the field type is not the same anymore.


Is there a way to tell pathfinder office to create a certain type of field when it exports to a shapefile?


What are my options here. I know I could go through the lengthy process of creating a new field (of the correct type) in the exported shapefiles and copying the attributes to it.... but I would like to figure out a better work flow than that....


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you,