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Symbology Issues with 10.2.2

Question asked by tiffany.winfrey on Jul 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by tiffany.winfrey

I am currently utilizing ArcMap Desktop 10.2.2 and I am having a problem with the symbology.  I have a student version that I just registered and uploaded from the ESRI site.  Maybe I missed something but I cannot seem to find it.


When I open a .MXD I can see the symbology if it was already set.  However, if I try to change it under the properties or even just clicking on it in the Table of Contents I don't see any symbols... just text.  I have clicked on various style references and they are all the same, no symbols but just the text (like Circle 1.)


I attempted to open a blank .MXD and drop a feature class into just to see if it was maybe a corrupt .MXD but the same issue is still happening.  Can anyone tell me where to look to fix this please?