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Help! Kriging or IDW tools for soil mapping

Question asked by lamyron on Jul 24, 2014
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I'm working on a soils map, the data for which I've collected with a EM38 (electrical conductivity) instrument.  The resulting attribute table is quite large, but there is a single column, "X5", with the data (in milliSiemens) that I'm wanting to map.  The area has 1000+ data points over 30 acres and I'd like to use either the kriging or IDW tools to interpolate the points into a even map. 


My issue so far is that when I open up the kriging or IDW tools' window and select the layer with the EM data, the next drop down menu (I believe it's called the Z value?) does not include the X5 column; the drop down only lists columns such as latitude, longitude, date, time, etc.  How can I add the X5 column to that drop down menu? Is this because of the type of field?  I believe the X5 column is in String format.


Pardon my incorrect use of language, I don't have the window in front of me.  But I hope you understand what I'm talking about!


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!