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GeoTagged Photos

Question asked by edcarey92 on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by huffmanp

Hey all! I work for the City of Jacksonville's GIS department and we are working on an ArcGIS online application that provides viewers with park locations and assets. Each asset in a given park polygon is given a point using collector. Each point is assigned an asset id, park number, and a photo of the specific asset. In theory it works great out in the field, but occasionally if there is heavy canopy coverage, we are not able to edit and plot in collector.


We decided to just take pictures of the assets using our phones camera and making sure the phone's setting allowed photos to be geotagged. From the geotagged photos we created points. This worked great in areas of heavy canopy coverage!


The only question I have now is: Is there a way to bring the point layer generated from the geotagged photos into the park asset layer WITH the photo. I can easily copy and paste the point from the geotagged layer into the asset layer, but the photo does not copy over.


I hope I explained the problem clearly. Let me know if anyone has any solutions or ideas!




Evan Carey