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Is it a bad idea to store and work on MXD's from within a DFS server?

Question asked by Cep86 on Jul 24, 2014

I have been trying to use a DFS server to store map documents and work from as well.  If I take a map document and associated geodatabase, it works just fine on my desktop.  However, when I store the stuff on the aforementioned DFS server, I get some bugs.  For instance, when I try to open the attribute table to one of my feature classes, I get an error that says:


"Could not load data from the data source.  If you can correct the problem, press the refresh button to reload data.  Possible problems can include bad network connection, invalid field, etc.  Unexpected Operation [Macro]"


The data is the exact same as it is on my desktop, but it won't work on the DFS...  The feature class that I am referring to is just a basic point feature class with 6 points in it.  I am working on a Windows 7 machine and I have ArcGIS for Desktop version