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Request for contract language from consultants

Question asked by MetroParksTacomaGIS1 on Jul 23, 2014

I am looking for some general language to incorporate into our Design contracts that require Design consultants such as Architects, Civil Engineers, GeoTech, etc. to provide GIS or spatially referenced CAD drawings within their final project deliverable.  I wanted to see if ESRI or another government organization had a model they use within their contracts that require consultants to provide GIS or spatially referenced CAD data, that you could share with me, and provide me a platform to write my own language for our contracts. 


The purpose behind this request is that, we as an organization have traditionally only required consultants to provide PDF drawings as a final deliverable of schematic design and construction drawings, however as we develop our GIS program we want to move away from a static information model and into a dynamic, and spatially-centric data model which requires us to mandate consultants provide GIS or spatially referenced CAD data in addition to PDF’s as a final deliverable. 


I really appreciate your help, thanks!