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If an app built using webapp builder (using all public items) is hosted in customer's environment, will the customer need AGOL or Portal account?

Question asked by akmanchianand on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by dorrolb

If we develop an app using web app builder entirely with on-premise services instead of AGOL services, i.e., no credits are consumed, no authentication is required and all services are publicly available, do we still need an AGOL or Portal account to host the app?


This is possible with Flex Viewer, we could develop apps for customers and deploy it in their environment without any dependency on AGOL or Portal.


For developing using webapp builder, i know that either AGOL or Portal is required. But if we are deploying this for a customer on their webserver, do they need to purchase AGOL or Portal ?


Can we set the appID to empty string " " in the config file?