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How do you share drives between Amazon AWS instances?

Question asked by michael.carson on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by michael.carson

I have two Amazon AWS instances running Windows 2012 and both have attached EBS drives.  I would like one of the instances, lets say INST01 to share it's D drive with INST02.  INST02 has ArcGIS Server running on it and I would like it to access data on the D drive on INST01.  I thought all I would have to do is share the D drive on INST01 with the share name "D", then on INST02 just map a network drive to \\server\share like \\INST01\D, but that does not work.  I then thought I would need to use the internal IP, or what Amazon calls "private IP", for INST01, like \\\D, but that did not work.  I even tried using the public IP assinged to INST01, but that did not work.  Finally I tried using the instance ID, like \\i-c3bb29d7\D, but again that did not work.


I must be missing something in the setup that Amazon is not allowing this simple task to work on my servers.  Anyone have a VERY CLEAR step by step example on how to set this up?  It would be greatly appreciated!