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Graphic created by Addin doesn't export to pdf correctly

Question asked by trowekamp on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by D.E.Smith99

I create a graphic on the map (not layout) using ArcObjects. It is a polygon with a gray cross-hatch fill. When I export the layout to pdf manually or through code, the graphic exports as a solid gray polygon. (I'm using the AddGraphicToMap snippet to create the graphic and the ExportActiveView sample to export to pdf).


If I manually select the graphic on the map, go to its properties and set the symbol to the 10% Crosshatch symbol in the symbol selector and then export to pdf, the graphic exports correctly.


I've found a few suggestions to do things like set the default printer page size to a larger size before exporting, but nothing I've found in my searches has had any effect on the ability to export this graphic correctly. Can anyone help me with this?