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Advice for an Online Undergraduate Degree?

Question asked by egaines77 on Jul 22, 2014
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Does anyone have any advice for someone who has been a GIS professional for 7 years who is looking to go to college for the first time? I've been trying to wade through the many online degree programs out there to find one that is GIS, Geography, or Geology focused but there aren't very many options. My problem is that I have been doing this for a long time and I make a good living already so I am not money driven. I am more driven by my curiosity in GIS and would rather not have to get a degree in business management just to turn around and go for a masters in GIS. It feels like that would be a waste of my time. I've looked at University of Florida's Online geology degree and University of Nebraska's Geography degree. Both of them look pretty good and are my top two choices at this time but I am also looking at American Sentinel University's GIS degree. I like all the ASU says they have to offer but I am concerned that they will not actually offer the classes I want to take in a timely fashion due to some reviews that I have read. I am also concerned that they are only nationally accredited (not Regionally accredited) and an undergraduate degree from them would not be accepted by another school such as Penn State for a Masters program if I decided to do that later on. I would be interrested in hearing about anyones experience with these schools and/or any suggestions for other schools. Thanks