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Skipping a record when joining tables

Question asked by zang345 on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by Dan_Patterson

Here is the scenario:  I am creating line segments between points to represent human migrations from place to place over time.  Each point is attributed with City, State, Year, Lat, Long, etc, etc.  What I am trying to do is join the point attributes to the newly created line segments.  The trick is I need to join line segment 1 with point 2.  Essentially line 1 needs the "Destination" attributes, not the "Origin" attributes.  However, when I go to join the tables I can't join line 1 with point 2.  It joins line 1 with point 1, thus giving the attributes from the origin point instead of the destination point.  This might be confusing, so here's the example:


Points Table

FID     ID     Event     City_Town     State     Country     Year

0        1      Begin     Seattle          WA          US          1986

1        2      Move      Helena          MT           US          1988

2        3      Move      ...


Line Segments Table






Is there a way to join Line Segment FID 0 with Point FID 1?  When I try to join the Lines Table FID with the Points Table ID a null record is added so that the tables line up at 1.  Any way around this?  Thanks.