Question about Kriging with SA or 3DA

Discussion created by gigamosh57 on Aug 9, 2010
I am trying to create something that could be termed a "variance reduction raster."  This reduction raster will be based on the relative change between the semivariogram (SVG) raster calculated with one dataset, and the SVG raster calculated with that same dataset with a single point added.  The purpose of this is to see the impact that the addition or subtraction of a single point might have on the overall variance.

Initially, my idea was to create a normalized SVG by dividing the calculated SVG by the Kriging output surface.  This does not create a normalized surface.  I cannot find any documentation on what units the SVG is in or the relationship the SVG has to the actual Kriging output surface.

How do I create a Kriging surface that is normalized to 100% (the exact value of the point that is used to Krig at that location)??