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ArcGIS Server Schematics - Extent of Displayed diagram

Question asked by tmgovind on Jul 21, 2014
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Problem Statement


I need to display Schematic Diagrams created in ArcEditor 10.2.1 (with the Schematics extension) in a web browser client. The diagrams have been created using ArcObjects/C# using a Selection set of the features retrieved using a DownStream trace for Electric Substations.


The schematic diagram when accessed from a web browser client using JavaScript opens the diagram successfully. But the diagram appears very small even after the extents of the map are set to the extents of the diagram.




I am using ArcGIS Server 10.2.1 on Windows Platform with Enterprise Geodatabase in SQL Server 2012. The Schematics are stored in SQL Server. These schematics have been created using ArcObjects and are updated every night.


The Schematic template used to create the schematics has been published as a dynamic map service. I make use of the Javascript API to query the Dynamic map service to get the diagram ID. I am using this Diagram ID to add the schematic to to the map.


At the time of opening the map i am programmatically setting the extents of the map to the EXTENT of the schematic returned by ArcGIS Server. But this extent covers a much bigger area. This when viewed on the screen exceeds the actual extent of the image causing the schematic to appear very small in the map. My objective i set the extents of the map to the extents of the features in the schematic.


Pls refer to the attached diagram. The dotted line indicates the extent returned by schematic.


We are not forcing any extent to be set at the time of generating the schematic using ArcObjects.