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Adding a printing service to a Portal Map?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by Divyam

Either I'm missing the obvious place where this is documented how-to, or its not possible? I currently  have a GP service on my ArcGIS Server, works great when tied to a Flex Map in a browser. Users can "print" to several formats, either 11 by 17 or 8.5 by 11, using our organizations REQUIRED map template for publishing printed maps.


I'm migrating my content to Portal, and would like the same functionality.....users can open a map....and there is a "Print" feature....that enables the user to print to PDF, JPG, etc...using the Map Template I've previously set up. The default "Print" button and its output in Portal is horrible.


Is this even possible?