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UC Presentations need tags

Question asked by rfairhur24 on Jul 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by rfairhur24

The UC presentations were all loaded without any tags.  As a result they are not coming up when I search for them.  This should have been done by ESRI staff when they uploaded them, but that can be remedied if we all pitch in.  These presentations are a great resource for many topics that come up in the community discussions and deserve the effort to make them searchable.


I am trying to add tags to the topics so they will come up.  I could use help getting it done.


I am trying to apply a set of universal tags like:


esri uc 2014, demo theater, technical workshop, powerpoint; presentation


I also am adding key words from the presentation topic like Python, JavaScript, Analysis, Tips and Tricks, etc. and the presenter names.


I also will be adding Agenda Topic Code tags from the pocket Agenda like TW, KEY, LID, 3DCIT, etc.


If you have other suggestions for tags let me know.  Please help me to get these presentations tagged properly so we can continue to benefit from the User Conference through the Geonet community.