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Thought I would create a page where I could post all the random videos, code, and other resources.  I know I have a hard enough time finding everything myself!


If you know of something I missed, let me know.  I will try to keep this updated and at some point get all the content consolidated to a single location like GitHub or something.


FloorplanGIS Code on GitHub - Configurable code for prepping CAD floorplans for GIS as well as using AutoCAD to georeference.

FloorplanGIS Video - Quick demo video showing how to use the code.


Data Driven Pages - Template for setting up and using data driven pages for floorplans.  This is a bit old and needs to be updated but still works.

Data Driven Pages Video - video showing how to set up and use data driven pages


Campus FM Technology Association (CFTA) Videos

UW Interior Space Mapping Part 1 - 2013

UW Interior Space Mapping Part 2 - 2013

UW FISDM Implementation - 2015


GiZinta Sync Engine for Floorplans - Sync Engine now on GitHub!

Gizinta Sync Engine at FME UC - Video of Sync Engine in action.


Hopefully someone finds this useful.