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Shortlist - editing points on ArcGis Online

Question asked by yeel on Jul 18, 2014

Using a story map it's very easy to update and add/remove certain locations, descriptions, colours, etc.




For short list's it's not quite as easy.
If I want certain user's to be able to add/remove and update data for certain points I'm unsure of how to do this currently.



Currently, we are using csv's for upload. I don't see a way to easily update csvs for them unless they remove and then add it again each time.


Is there an easier way to do this?

Creating separate csvs and shapefiles for each tab doesn't seem like the easiest option for an end user to populate.



I'm thinking if I use a shapefile it may be easier for them to populate - however, am I correct in thinking all the HTML in the csv will then be lost or cause errors with the shapefile? Ideally, I'd like to keep it all in one central location rather than creating more than one shapefile for each tab.



Or, when will a builder like story maps be implemented for short lists?


Rupert Essinger