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Collector not syncing 100%

Question asked by vtanrgis on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by pcrosier

We have a fairly basic collector application for inventorying trees.

It contains a feature service with mobile access and sync capabilities for offline/disconnected use.

We are using the latest Collector App for iOS.

The issue is that when the user downloads a map to the device, collects information, then comes back to WIFI to sync, the sync process never reaches 100%. The status bar seems to advance to about 40% then doesn't finish completely. It seems to send data to the server (but not always), but it always shows that there are features that still needed to be synced. This means that the map needs to be removed from the device, then re-downloaded to remove the indicator that there are still features to sync.


Is anybody else having this issue? Any ideas?