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Workflow Manager: Could not parse JXL file due to error

Question asked by W0194119 on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by W0194119

I generated a JXL file from my JTX 9.3 environment and when I tried to import it into Workflow Manager 10.2.2 I got the following errors:


  • Popup saying that The select JXL is invalid. Please see log for details.
  • The log revealed a level 3 message -
    7/16/2014 13:58:45.986Level: 3Could not parse JXL file due to error -1072896760: "An invalid character was found in text content." at line 205 position 6179
    Navigating to that location in the JXL using a text editor leads me to the middle of a GUID 



Does anyone know of a way I could fix this issue and import my configuration? Our system has over 30 jobs and it would be a lot of work reconfiguring each one.


I should also note that I have successfully exported another instance of JTX 9.3 from our environment and imported into 10.2.2.