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Alternatives to ArcMap to view GIS data

Question asked by Cep86 on Jul 17, 2014
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What are some alternative methods to view GIS data that was created in ArcMap for others who don't have a license to ArcMap?  The company that I work for is going to purchase about 2 or 3 licenses, but there are at least 50-75 others who will need to have access to viewing/navigating the maps in and out of the office.  Another GIS associate and myself have been tossing around ideas and methods that we are aware of, but neither of us are very familiar with sharing content.


So far we've come up with these options:


ArcGIS - Web Map Viewer (

- This method seems good, except I haven't see how I can manage the symbology (it changed when I loaded my files), and I'm not real sure if there's an easy way to share with others and keep the data hidden from the public



- We've played with the idea of us creating the data in ArcMap and just have others use QGIS to view it.


Mobile apps:

- This would be great since users wouldn't need to have their laptops at all times, but an issue that the data must be created using ArcGIS for Server (unless I read into that wrong through various sources), and the fact that neither of us have experience those capabilities.


Aside from the options that I've listed, do any of you have other alternatives?  Also, if any of you are familiar with the options that I listed above, could you further expand on their pros and cons so I may understand them better.




Coy Potts