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broken links change of from one server to another

Question asked by jwalkerack on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by rastrauch

Hi Guys ,


So here is my problem . i am working in a map technician role within my company. The company has computer drives which are shared between my location and another. Recently the other location , moved a lot of the data which was onto a shared folder onto a new drive. I think its actually another server on it different operating system going from Windows to Unix.


Unfortunately the other location did not tell us. We have recently found out and now a lot of our maps which accessed material off the shared area are now broken.


So now i m in the process of fixing the links. To start with i have been doing this by right clicking then updating the data sources but this is a very manual process. we have around 5000 links which are broken. A lot of the stuff we have is old and might need to archived , but as the links are broken , your not see what the maps are a lot of the time.

We have the Xtools extension which has some tool that will repair broken links , but it to is very manual.


i was wondering if anyone had some advice on tools or scripts , which could be used to speed up this process


Or as any experience of dealing with something like this , that would be great


Thanks Jack