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GeoPortal Federated Search Results into Portal

Question asked by doodypatrick on Jul 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2014 by mhogeweg-esristaff

I have an instance of Portal for ArcGIS and a GeoPortal instance.


Using the Federated Search files and instructions, located here: geoportal-server/components/server/FederatedSearch at develop · Esri/geoportal-server · GitHub , I have added the GeoPortal server as a federated search endpoint into my Portal for ArcGIS. This connection seems to be working -- I am able to go into my Search page in Portal, and in the lower left hand of this page I can see the option to "Search Additional Catalogs" and I'm able to use this to search my GeoPortal catalog from Portal.


I have two questions about this:


The Search Results returned through searching my GeoPortal catalog are:

  1. Unable to be added to my Portal map. I would like to add these layers to my Portal map but there is no option to do so.
  2. Unable to be searched through the Portal Map. In order to find the search results from my GeoPortal catalog, I MUST perform the search from the Search page. It would be nice if, additionally, these results could be found through the actual Portal -> Map -> Add -> Search for Layers.


Is there any way to achieve this functionality? To be able to search my GeoPortal instance for layers, and then to be able to add those layers to the Portal map.