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arcpy.Merge_management behaves differently in tool vs. script?

Question asked by HavardMoe on Jul 16, 2014
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Hey all,


I have a file geodatabase with a number of feature classes (Polyline ZM) + a table listing feature classes. There are polyline features not listed, and list items without a polyline. What I'd want to do is to:

1. Create a list of the feature classes in the geodatabase that correspond with those listed in the table

2. Merge these to a new feature class in a new file geodatabase.


The first part is solved, but I'm having some issues with the Merge_management function when running it from a script. I have successfully created a merged feature class using the merge tool from ArcMap, and the merged feature class holds 168 objects. Now, when I do this through a script I also get a merged feature class, but only 110 of the 168 objects... ?


I've checked some of the features added in/left out, but can't see any difference.


Having exported the ArcMap merge results via pythin snippet I can't see the input into the fucntion being any different in the two runs.


Have anyone seen this kind of behaviour and/or see a possible explanation?