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Versioned DBs, AGOL and Synching oh my

Question asked by drshinnick on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by drshinnick

Hello GeoNet,


I have an enterprise db in MS SQL Express.  It is a replica so therefore, versioned which is from everything the help file tells me, in conflict with the ability to synch offline as with the collector app.


The workflow I envisioned was that using this replica we would:


  1. Publish the feature services to ArcGIS for Server
  2. Create a WebMap in AGOL
  3. Download the data to a device w/ the collector app (Cell Coverage could be spotty)
  4. Deploy to the field and collect updates
  5. Return to the office and synch with the versioned replica
  6. Then synch with the parent.


This does not appear possible because of two conflicting factors; The versioned data and the requirement to synch.  I know I can publish the services to AGOL directly and take them off line that way but that creates a disconnected data island that then has no way to return to the replica.


Does anyone have any suggestions on altering my proposed workflow?